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Covid-19 Stay At Home Workouts

Want an individual workout just for you? Contact me via email at connieudell1@gmail.com or (608)302-7088.

What does it entail? 

1) Dialogue with me what your needs are.

2) We will discuss what you have to work with at home.

3) How many workouts would you like?

4) Determine just like an in-studio consultation what would be best! 

5) Printed work-out just for you with diagrams if needed!

6) Collect information on your health if you are a new client to me.

7) Sign a waiver that you are in good health to work out and understand the risks.

COST: $10 per workout/$25 for 3 workouts! **Note: The charge could be more if you are looking for something pertaining to specific health or medical issues such as arthritis or osteoporosis - Any unique issue to you that requires more than just an exercise routine! Pay thru credit card, check, Zelle. cash. 

WHAT CAN YOU EXPECT FROM ME? First - I want to make it fun!!! Along with emailing your personalized workout routine I will send you a form to document that you did the program so we can discuss if it was appropriate for you; too hard or too easy? Any questions you may have. Do we need to tweak? Do you want to be paired up with someone via facebook or email to challenge yourself more? Accountability! Show your progress! Progress could be via the workout sheet I send you or selfies! Let's Have Fun With this!

All of this can be done in the safety of your own home or outdoors away from others!