SOL Trainer Qualifications
SOL Trainers are uniquely qualified to serve the needs of our clients.
Certified Personal Trainer with the American Council on Exercise.
Personal training insurance under Philadelphia Insurance.
Carry multiple fitness certificates including; Pilates, Group and Senior Programs & Women's Body Sculpting.
16 years in health and fitness facilities.
26 year enthusiast of fitness training, including strength training and marathon running. Currently training for the Ironman Half.

​Parkinson's/Active Older Adult Class   Wednesday's at 9 am. Drop-in fee of $6. Taught by Connie Udell. Connie has been trained by the Parkinson's Wellness Recovery (PWR!) program, Silver Sneakers, YMCA Active Older Adult training and certified as a trainer and group instructor. The class utilities a variety of equipment, strength training, moving big, stretching, voice, activities for the mind and more!

Even children are benefiting from certified personal trainers, who help them lose weight, learn new sports skills and improve fitness levels. The benefits of hiring your own personal trainer or private fitness instructor include increased motivation to exercise, a healthy fitness plan and more discipline. Personal trainers are like tutors for your fitness plans and weight loss goals.


>You're uncomfortable at health clubs or even women's fitness centers; you aren't certain how to use the Bosu balls, wobble boards or stretch bands.
>You're recovering from an illness or injury. If you've recently hurt your back, gone through chemotherapy, or had a major surgery you may benefit from a certified personal trainer to guide you through the best exercises.
>You have a specific goal: a marathon, triathalon, or your first 10K race. Some personal trainers specialize in particular fitness plans.
>You're bored with your old exercises & need a  new fitness plans.
>You need motivation to exercise or a fitness instructor to guide you in creating a fitness plan. A personal trainer gives you reasons to exercise.

Make sure your personal trainer is certified through a quality program. Word of mouth is one the of the best ways to hire a personal trainer or fitness instructor. You could also try your local health club, fitness center, or community recreation center.

How to Hire a Personal Trainer: Check Their Fees First
Fees for personal trainers range from $30 to $100 per hour, depending on the size of your city or town and the state or province you're in.
New York City personal trainers earn around $100 per hour; small town personal trainers or fitness instructors earn significantly less.
Some fitness instructors come to your home; others meet you at a local weight room or health club, or at their own private gyms.
Hiring a certified personal trainer through a health club, your local gym, or a community recreation center may be a more economical option.
​Many community centers offer the services of a certified personal trainer for a reasonable cost.

How to Recognize a Good Personal Trainer
Before you hire a personal trainer, ask for an interview (which should always precede the first session, which is often free or discounted).
A certified personal trainer or private fitness instructor should:
* Evaluate your current fitness level & future goals (eg, weight loss, increased health).
* Help you establish a personal fitness plan.
* Encourage you to try new equipment, such as Bosu balls, while letting you enjoy your tried-and-true exercises.
* Listen to you, and take your concerns and feelings seriously. When you're hiring a personal trainer, make sure they act professional and courteous.
* Pay attention to how you're doing the exercises, and give you feedback and pointers.
* Help you modify your fitness plan as needed.

You may need your private fitness instructor to set you up with a fitness plan or weight loss goals, but the ultimate outcome is up to you.
​Hiring a personal trainer can motivate you to lose weight, but you have to do the workouts and follow the fitness plan to see the results you want.

KItchen in the Gym

SOL Fitness teams up with cooking professionals throughout the year to host healthy cooking classes. Each class is a different topic. In each class we watch, learn and participate in the preparation. When we're done, we sample and take home the meals! Each participant takes home their own hand-painted wine glass as well. Wine or other beverage provided.


SOL Fitness Rock Steady Boxing works by moving your body in all planes of motion while continuously changing the routine as you progress through the workout.

Door County Weekend

Door County Women's Walk September 13-16, 2018 
​A weekend of networking, encouragement and accomplishment at an amazing cabin in the woods!

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SOL Fitness offers a variety of classes! Call for class prices. Drop-in fee or discounted punch pass cards available for use on all classes!  

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